Vision Of Elixir

We are a dedicated team which strives to provide success to our clients in regards to all their accountancy needs. Our team is very close-knit and ensures that a unified support is provided to you whenever you need it. With expertise covering all aspects of accountancy, taxation and business advisory services, we are well placed to take a holistic view to planning for the future as well dealing with specific matters.

Faraz Ahmed – Principal

Qualifications: FCPA, AFA MPIA,AAIA


Established in year 2012 with a strong mission and a passionate vision, Faraz decided to apply his experience and innovative ideas to provide accountancy services to SME’s.Since then there has been no looking back. We don’t just do compliance work, we help the client run their business professionally and efficiently.This means we take nothing for granted and persistently raise the bar on what we can achieve, then challenge ourselves to jump over it. The company was founded on these principles and they remain part of our DNA.Our team has built a strong reputation for helping start-ups propositions to become a solid sustainable business. We make sure that we understand your business in depth and advise you according to your business needs.As a principal of the company, Faraz is responsible for the strategic development and management of the firm as well as training staff. He particularly enjoys the thrills and challenges of HMRC investigations.